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Thordon Bearings Inc.

Thordon Bearings is the leading manufacturer of pollution-free open seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings, grease-free rudder bearings, deck equipment bearings, shaft coatings and shaft seals for the global marine market.

The COMPAC Open Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System eliminates oil discharges while delivering the lowest operating costs for ship owners. Oil systems can be expensive to maintain, especially when utilizing air seals and EALs. With a Thordon system, there is zero environmental impact and the headaches that come with oil leakage can be avoided completely.  A COMPAC system guarantees compliance with the VGP and the everchanging shipping environmental regulations.

Not only is the COMPAC system the environmentally responsible choice, it is proven to last! We have over 550 tankers, bulkers, dry cargo, ferry, cruise, and container ships equipped with COMPAC seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings. We offer a Lifetime COMPAC Bearing Wearlife Guarantee, unmatched in the marine industry!

We have been working on this new T-BOSS sterntube-less concept with SDARI, ABS, Wartsila and the National Technical University of Athens. This concept for newbuildings improves EEDI, reduces the CII and has zero pollution below the waterline, with lower maintenance costs than the traditional oil lubricated propeller shaftline.

And for those deck equipment applications such as winches, fairleads, and davits, our ThorPlas-Blue self lubricating bearings can easily be fitted into virtually any applications where greased bronze is currently installed.  Our grease-free deck equipment bearings keep your crew safe while eliminating any risk of grease polluting our oceans, seas and rivers.


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