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The Bahamas Maritime Authority

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) – Your trusted Flag for quality ship registration


Ranked among the world’s top shipping registries, The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) comprises over 64 million gross tons of ships. The Authority delivers the highest levels of service in all aspects of ship registration including the enforcement of ship safety requirements, monitoring and improving safety standards, and ensuring crew are adequately trained.


The Bahamas’ Register has a broad-based portfolio of ship types, with a world class fleet that includes passenger ships, general cargo, tankers, bulk carriers, offshore vessels, LNG/LPG vessels and also yachts. Renowned for its market leading status in the passenger, offshore and LNG sectors, The BMA name is synonymous with excellence.


Although the growth of the Register is gratifying, The BMA’s policy is not one of expansion at all costs: quite the contrary. The Authority, like the Bahamas Government, believes that standards should not be sacrificed in order to attract tonnage. In fact, ships that do not meet international standards are not accepted onto the register.


A commitment to quality, compliance and continuous improvement is expected from all Bahamian-registered ships, their owners and crews as can be demonstrated by its consistently high ranking in Port State Control whitelists. As a result of these measures The BMA has gained a first-rate reputation throughout the international shipping industry.

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