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ShipIn Systems

ShipIn Systems is the world’s first FleetVision Platform, unlocking ship-to-shore collaboration for maritime fleets with visual analytics. ShipIn’s platform proactively alerts shipowners, managers, and seafarers to onboard events in real-time, reducing losses by 40% and increasing efficiency by 8%.

Creating a digital bridge between ship and shore, ShipIn provides objective insights into piloting, security, cargo operations, and more. Cameras detect discrete events onboard, monitoring routine events like maintenance and bridge activity. The platform automatically alerts stakeholders onboard and onshore to any safety violations, creating a digital source of truth for all events.

With data sent via the cloud to shore in near real-time, ShipIn enables true collaboration between captains onboard vessels and operations ashore. With all incidents and performance rolling up to an analytics dashboard, it makes it easy to benchmark performance, perform remote audits, and improve the operational ROI of your entire fleet. Learn more at

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