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Shift is unlocking the potential of clean energy through leading-edge energy storage systems. Our pioneering innovation is making low and zero-emissions operations a reality for the maritime and heavy industry by providing customers around the world with a safe, reliable, affordable way to electrify and reduce GHG to fight climate change.

We use proven battery technologies to design customized, integrated energy solutions that combine clean, renewable energy from any source with marine and on-land battery use to move customers to full electrification. We work to hybridize and electrify ferries, fishing boats, electric aquaculture support vessels, hybrid offshore support vessels, hybrid tugboats, ports and more. We are the only company that provides maritime and other industries with a subscription, pay-as-you-go service for energy using an integrated battery solution. Customers save money from day one, while meeting climate action goals through electrification.

Shift is taking action on climate change now. Join us in the Shift 2 clean energy.


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