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Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of BioMicrobics, Inc.

Internationally recognized for quality products and top-notch field services, Scienco/FAST is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in sewage, ballast, and water treatment equipment for the marine industry. As a subsidiary of BioMicorbics, Inc., the mission of Scienco/FAST is to provide a superior water treatment systems that assists companies around the world to perform at the highest safety, compliance and reliability standards without impacting cargo operations.

Since the first installation in 1969 on board the Towboat, M/V Missouri, certified Type II Marine Sanitation Devices, called MarineFAST® wastewater treatment systems, are installed on some of the ‘greenest’ boats in the world to provide total sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. These MarineFAST units provide outstanding effluent quality and starts up much faster than conventional suspended growth processes – usually in half the time! The MarineFAST provides the best sanitation technology continually requested by Ship Owners and Chief Engineers. Also available and recently introduced, a BioBarrier® MarineMBR™ system is an “ultrafiltration”, membrane bioreactor, certified Type II MSD.

Recently announced and ideal for semisubmersibles, Bulkers, heavy-lifters, LNG, Tankers, Scienco/FAST offers the InTank Ballast Water Treatment System, which is the first and only guaranteed and approved system with a compact and flexible profile to treat the ballast water InVoyage™ and keeping your vessel InControl™ of your operations! By offering the Scienco® InTank BWTS, Scienco/FAST will help Ship Owners and Chief Engineers take control of all environmental pollution sources and help quickly keep the vessel in compliance with better total water management. A system, like the newly-minted Scienco® InTank™, makes sense to reduce in port time for vital cargo operations and provide a fully-automated process to continuously dose till the TRO measurement is achieved for suppression of the active regrowth during the voyage rather than wasting time and effort dealing with filters, lamps, and/or any other maintenance intensive components!

Our Scienco® SciCHLOR® and Scienco Danolyte® generators produces on demand disinfection for a multitude of applications.

What makes Scienco/FAST so great? Our Products, Policies, and People! With decades of experience in our respective fields, the Scienco/FAST team of marine engineers, drafters, technical engineers for sizing and regulations, manufacturing, and field experts brings creative and diverse perspectives for marine sanitation solutions. With Scienco/FAST’s commitment of environmental stewardship, it will continue to provide superior integrated water management systems that lessen the impacts of pollution in our oceans and waterways.





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