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Purify Fuel

Purify Fuel

Purify Fuel develops, manufactures and markets nanO2 Combustion Catalysts®, a patented, nanotechnology-based, fuel-optimizing product that helps the world’s largest consumers of diesel save money, increase power and reduce emissions—without engine modification. Serving industries including Marine, Rail, Mining, Power Generation, Fracking, and Military, Purify Fuel’s catalyst improves health and safety conditions, reduces emissions and extends the life of capital investments without additional upfront costs. When added to diesel, Purify Fuel’s nanotechnology-based catalyst initiates ignition sooner and then donates billions of molecules of oxygen to extend combustion duration to generate more energy and reduce unburned fuel in the exhaust. Benefits include increased horsepower, more efficient fuel use, removal of carbon deposits, less engine noise, improved compression, cleaner fuel injectors/turbochargers, and cooler engine temperature. For more information, contact Peter Lindsey, VP, Marine Group at

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