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P Ship Systems

P Ship Systems

P Ship Systems: Fully complying and over-exceeding industry regulations, we work with commercial shipping companies, specializing in the water treatment vessel area. Working very closely with the oldest water treatment area manufacturer since 1989, Puricom, P Ship Systems designs, develops, distributes to the global shipping industry, updates and fully supports our customer base branded drinking water vessel systems. We follow standardization standards and carry certificates of conformity as well, based on the EU Directive 98/83 EC. We cover any shipping company’s drinking water vessel system project needed, with available high production capacity as well as qualitative system production procedures during production.

Shipping companies:
• Stop the pain of plastic bottled water onboard
• Protect crew, sea and the environment
• Get instant protections from prohibitions such as DGS India, Kuwait, etc.
• Stop Waste Management Charges
• Reduce GHGs
• Use instead ship’s own vessel generated water
• Save money and resources

Our INFINITY and now the K10 Direct Flow Multi-Stage RO Filtration Vessel Systems produce instant fresh excellent drinking/cooking water onboard ships, 24hrs a day. With great success and acceptance in the commercial maritime industry.

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