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MTI Network (USA)

MTI Network is the world’s leading reputation protection incident response network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries.

We assist with approximately 1,000 incidents a year, for our 350+ clients, representing over 10,000 vessels. A Global Network featuring local response, with crisis response efforts driven by industry knowledge, protecting reputations on-line and offline, with media training that delivers professional results.

Reputation takes years to earn but only a second to damage or lose – a careless comment, bad report or incident.

MTI Network understands that when crises occur, your priority is the people, the environment and getting the situation under control.

By providing a critical and impartial outside eye, MTI Network crisis media response service works in tandem with all of your company stakeholders to ensure a smooth, timely and transparent response to media and public interest.

Our aim is to help clients effectively communicate and arrive at successful conclusion to incidents. Using our international network of 23 main offices and a further 21 associates, MTI Network can provide 24/7 support 365 days a year. We’re available around the clock and around the world.

In the United States our Team includes retired US Coast Guard talent. The team is familiar with every aspect of the Incident Command System and its demanding Joint Information Center responsibilities. The US team also brings sophisticated incident website development and management skills, press conference and town hall meeting management, and today seemless virtual press conference online services.

Around the world our Partners are made up of crisis communications professionals, who provide expert advice with the added benefit of local knowledge.

MTI Network partners have conducted more than 10,000 training sessions with owners, charterers, insurers, trade groups, ship financiers to ensure if a crisis occurs, management will be judged among the finest 21st Century communicators.

MTI Partners are unique in their blend of crisis communications and reputation management knowledge and their familiarity with the specific operational challenges that occur within the Maritime and Offshore industries.

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