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MTI Network (USA)

MTI Network is the world’s leading crisis management and communications network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries. Established in 1989, we have spent decades protecting investors, ship owners and managers during incidents and are proud to say that we have over 11,000 vessels registered under our service.

Our international network of 26 offices and 20 associate offices gives our operation a global scale and depth of expertise that ensures a timely and effective response to an incident. As a private and independent operator in the crisis response chain, our only interest is that of our client and protecting their reputation.

MTI Network and its partners are unique in their blend of crisis communications and reputation management knowledge and their familiarity with the specific operational challenges that occur within the Maritime and Offshore industries.

MTI Network responds to over 1,000 incidents each year, ranging from loss of crew to major vessel accidents that cause environmental pollution and loss of asset and often require engagement with government officials and departments. We provide our services 24/7, 365 days a year, with our global offices being able to monitor an incident continuously around the globe.

Our success and that of our clients is predicated not only on the work we do during an incident but also on the work we do with our clients pre- and post-incident. The training and scenario planning that our clients undergo goes a long way in helping them navigate common pitfalls when an incident occurs.

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