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Globecomm is a global provider of maritime connectivity services, focused on helping owners recognize the potential of its global Ku-band VSAT service. The company is a Tier One re-seller of Inmarsat’s FleetXpress VSAT service and a maritime distribution partner for the next generation Iridium Certussm mobile broadband satellite service, which offers robust high throughput performance, all of which can be deployed as hybrid satellite-GSM solutions.

Globecomm’s value-added solutions include the Nimbus smartbox, which can be used to control multiple connections via satellite and cellular networks while providing additional functionality for both enterprise and crew applications. Shoreside staff can use the cloud-based Cirrus portal to gain a practical overview of all shipboard communications usage in real time.  Other services include Globecomm Voice for supporting both operations and crew calling; Globecomm ROAM, high throughput, low-cost cellular communications in more than 140 countries; and IoT offerings for improved safety, maintenance and cost savings.

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