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Becker Marine Systems

Founded in 1946, Becker Marine Systems has developed into the market leader for Maneuvering Systems and Energy-Saving Devices for any ship type. Alternative Energy solutions including LNG fuels and Compact Rack Battery Systems further strengthen the company’s Industry leading role.

With the invention of the Becker Flap Rudder, Becker became the market leader for high performance rudders, setting the maneuvering solutions standard. Spade, twisted, maintenance-free rudders and rudder bulb solutions were all developed by Becker. The Mewis Duct® nozzle, mounted in front of the propeller for energy savings, led to the Mewis Duct® Twisted with its special suitability for faster ships and container freighters.

The founding of Alternative Energies enabled Becker’s maritime expertise to focus strongly on sustainability. Becker developed and operates the Hummel LNG Hybrid Barge, working like a floating power plant since 2015, supplying external, low-emission, silent and vibration- free power to cruise ships at the Port of Hamburg.

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