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ABS, a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design, construction and operation. Focused on the safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions, ABS works with industry and clients to provide solutions that drive sustainability, optimize performance and increase operational efficiency for marine and offshore assets.

Since its establishment, ABS has gained a reputation of providing guidance and support beyond classification to customers as they navigate new and existing industry regulations. To further assist the marine and offshore industries, ABS has established the Sustainability Centers of Excellence located around the world.

The ABS Sustainability Centers of Excellence provide a hub of knowledge for ABS clients, collaborating with industry partners on projects involving the latest new technologies and alternative fuels, working together to implement these options in a way that is safe and sustainable for both seafarers and the natural environment.  The centers offer a complete suite of solutions to support the industry’s journey toward decarbonization from support in deciding the most technologically feasible alternative fuel option for a fleet to establishing a company-wide sustainability strategy.

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