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Hellenic American Maritime Forum May 2019 Athens Greece

May 29-30, 2019
Megaron Athens

A unique event bringing together the Hellenic American Maritime Stakeholders to discuss, network and exchange views and ideas towards a safe, smart, green, optimized, innovative and sustainable shipping industry

Our industry is going through a profound and perplexing period of change as it navigates to the future. It is being asked to provide a seamless transportation system that is safe, green and smart. To achieve sustainability, it needs to be innovative and optimized.

This is why SAFETY4SEA and SHIPPINGInsight have collaborated to produce the Hellenic American Maritime Forum: to provide an environment where shipowners and managers can voice their concerns and needs while finding solutions and collaborations.  What better way than to align the world’s greatest shipping nation with the commercial heft of the Americas?

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