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Ports News

‘Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise’ — Port of LA open 2020-03-18 -Nine vessels were being worked at the Port of Los Angeles Wednesday when Executive Director Gene Seroka provided a video update on the coronavirus. . . READ MORE

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New Tech News

Singapore to launch initiative for startups to tackle carbon emissions 2020-03-06- A new Singapore Trade and Transport Impact program will open for global startups to look into tackling decarbonisation. . . READ MORE

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COVID-19 News

IMO provides guidance for the facilitation of maritime trade during COVID-19 2020-04-01 -fter the G20 Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19, the IMO has issued a preliminary list of recommendations for Governments. . . READ MORE  10 ways that COVID-19 has disrupted shipping 2020-03-13- Since…

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Leadership News

UNCTAD gives its take on shipping in the post-pandemic era 2020-11-12 -The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has issued its Review of Maritime Transport 2020 report. . . READ MORE America’s Forgotten Marine Highway Network That Could Green…

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IMO Approves Controversial Draft Amendment on CO2 Ranking System 2020-11-18- The IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee has approved a draft amendment to MARPOL that would assign a rating to existing ships based on their operational carbon emissions. . . READ MORE Poll…

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Digitalization News

vMOL develops app with Microsoft that slashes hours of data input 2020-11-20 - Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has developed a new app which carries out real-time processing of ship operational data, the latest chapter. . . READ MORE ICTSI connects all of its…

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