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A Cup of Kindness

At last week’s Hellenic American Maritime Forum in Athens, there was a presentation by Captain Apostolos Skempes of Arcadia Shipmanagement entitled “Preventing offensive or hurtful behavior in the maritime workplace”.  He outlined various strategies and policies employed by Arcadia to…

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The Little Engine that Could

Well, last week’s MEPC meeting is behind us and we can once again focus on the business of shipping instead of getting distracted by the positioning of interest groups and their various tactics (how did an “environmental” group get mobilized…

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“Actions not Words”

Kitack Lim opened the MEPC meeting in London with a call for “actions not words”.  This refrain is being echoed throughout the world as society demands the shipping industry work to reduce its contribution to climate change by reducing first…

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The Wizard of Oz?

Some of you may remember the command in The Wizard of Oz about ignoring the “man behind the curtain”.  By pulling back the curtain, Dorothy revealed that the “Wizard” wasn’t magical at all—in fact he was a charlatan. I feel…

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Looking Ahead with SeaAhead

It was my distinct honor yesterday to attend a Maritime Innovation Summit hosted in Boston by SHIPPINGInsight Partner, SeaAhead.  This was a gathering in an area they term the “Innovation Cluster” and, judging from the range of technologies and innovations…

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It All Began 50 Years Ago. . .

"HAL 9000 is the on -board supercomputer of the spaceship Discovery in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick and the book of the same name by Arthur C. Clarke . Its name is the acronym for Heuristic ALgorithmic "(" algorithmic heuristic "). HAL 9000 is equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence that allows it to reproduce all…

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Shipping on the Radar

Our industry has sailed “under the radar” for most of its recent existence.  While romantic notions of old are gone, where the entire town would come to the waterfront to greet the latest ship bringing exotic goods, shipping has operated…

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Three Days Not to be Missed!

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