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The Twelve Days of SHIPPINGInsight

The 12 Days of SHIPPINGInsight As we approach the end of one decade, and the beginning of the next, here are my “12 Days of SHIPPINGInsight” wishes as our “Vision for the Decade”: 1. Healthy, happy and safe mariners 2.…

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A Gram of Gratitude

This week marks Thanksgiving in the United States—a time for reflection and gratitude.  Since we are approaching a new decade, I’ll reserve the reflections for a few weeks.  Today, I’m happy to elaborate on gratitude. I am thankful for: The…

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A Call for Convergence

There is no such thing as accidents—just a means of communicating a message. Within the past 4 hours I have been privy to two different fora discussing our industry.  In both, the comment was made about shipping’s isolation as a…

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The Power of Self-Determination

Self-determination, in its loosest form, has been a characteristic of the shipping industry since its inception.  From the Phoenicians until today, ships have sailed following their own routes, carrying its own cargo, and operating to its own benefit.  Since the…

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Where the Rubber meets the Road

Sometimes change is tough.  And sometimes talk is easy.  But as we get closer to January 1, 2020 it is disturbing to see cracks in the industry about adopting IMO2020.  We shuddered when Indonesia flirted with the idea of not…

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SHIPPINGInsight – it was stellar!

In the book “Field of Dreams”, Kevin Costner was urged to “Build the Field—the people will come”.  And come they did to last week’s SHIPPINGInsight’s 2020:  A Shipping Odyssey!!!  It was truly out of this world!! Several signature things occurred…

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Three Days Not to be Missed!

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