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Shipping on the Radar

Our industry has sailed “under the radar” for most of its recent existence.  While romantic notions of old are gone, where the entire town would come to the waterfront to greet the latest ship bringing exotic goods, shipping has operated…

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Why SHIPPINGInsight 2019?

At the end of last’s year’s event, over 60% of the delegates responded to a survey about SHIPPINGInsight 2018.  Here is what they said: Usefulness- 97% Value- 96% Quality of exhibitors- 87% Networking experience- 95% Roundtable discussions-98% Better than other…

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Making Waves

It is my honor to sit on the Board of a naval architecture company, which is primarily, but not exclusively, engaged in military projects. During the course of dinner, we raised a number of topics:  autonomous versus unmanned vessels (a…

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The Winds of Change

Some of you may know that I’m a sailor.  That helps explain my skepticism years ago when I first heard about using sails for cargo shipping.   The Skysail comes to mind, which reminded me of a spinnaker--  great for racing…

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Laud and Magnify

In most of these commentaries I entreat the industry to recognize the need to accelerate the transformation of our practices to meet societal demands.  It comes as a breath of fresh air, then, to read how some in our industry…

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