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We Need YOU To Be At SHIPPINGInsight!

Read the full newsletter here. Greetings from London where I am participating in London International Shipping Week, which has been organized by my good friends Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes of Petrospot and Sean Maloney of Elaborate Communications. These are two men who believe fervently in the power…

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Take More Risks

Read the full newsletter here. Shipping is not known for change, but it is known for taking risks. Think about it, since the first time a person sailed over the horizon into the unknown, they were taking a risk. Every time…

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SHIPPINGInsight Announces Evolving Agenda for The Decade of Collaboration Annual fleet optimization and innovation event critically important to industry!

Read the full newsletter here. Stamford, CT – July 26, 2023 SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer, Carleen Walker, announced the evolving agenda for SHIPPINGInsight 2023- The Decade of Collaboration being held October 10-12th in Stamford, Connecticut. This annual event brings together fleet…

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Three Days Not to be Missed!

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