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SHIPPINGInsight’s SHARK TANK Call for Contestants

Contestants for SHIPPINGInsight’s 2019 SHARK TANK are now being accepted for start-ups and new technologies and services to compete for the SHIPPINGInsight Innovation Award, to be presented at an Awards luncheon on the final day of the eighth SHIPPINGInsight Fleet Optimization and Innovation Conference and Exhibition being held Oct. 15-17th, in Stamford, Connecticut.

Contestants (“chum”) in the SHARK TANK will face a battery of shipowners and investors who will examine their thesis, evaluate their value proposition, and decide whether to “invest” in their concepts.  The winner of the SHARK TANK will be the recipient of SHIPPINGInsight’s Innovation Award.  There will be a total of 7 participants selected from the pool of entries.  Interested participants should submit their pitch in the form of a PowerPoint (in pdf format for security) complete with project outline, prospective market, financial parameters and short-medium-long term goals. Submissions should be sent to

SHARK TANK submissions must be received no later than August 30, 2019.  Contestants who are accepted into the SHARK TANK will be notified by September 6th.

“SHIPPINGInsight’s SHARK TANK was the hit of last year’s conference, and successful for the innovators—6 out of the 7 were picked up by companies” said Carleen Lyden Walker, SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer. “It’s an opportunity to hear from the innovators who are changing the face of the shipping industry with creative new technologies.”

This year, SHIPPINGInsight will also feature a New Tech Corridor for start-ups and new technologies to showcase their concepts.  For more information, contact Dave Weidner.

Recipients of the 2018 SHIPPINGInsight Award went to CMA CGM and Shone for their artificial intelligence bridge program; 2017 SHIPPINGInsight Award winners were ShipNet and Maersk Tankers for their collaborative development of an intuitive, tablet-based user interface, connecting seafarers with the ship’s computer.

2018 Innovation Award winners receive their award at the SHIPPINGInsight Awards Luncheon.  Left to Right: Jim Rhodes, Co-Founder, SHIPPINGInsight; Valentin Perret, Head of Business, Shone; Clément Renault, Co-Founder, Shone; Frank Soccoli, Co-Founder, SHIPPINGInsight; Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight


Previous Winners of the SHIPPINGInsight Award

2018 CMA CGM and Shone

2017 Maersk Tankers and ShipNet

2016 Eagle Bulk ShippingVeson Nautical and Accuritas Global Solutions

2015 Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA and Callenberg Technology Group

2014 Stena Line and NAPA Group

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