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Think Globally, Act Locally

Global Maritime Information Coalition At our SHIPPINGInsight Fleet Optimization and Innovation Conference and Exhibition there were repeated calls for industry collaboration in many areas.  One was for the industry to unify around its image and the messages it is communicating to the…

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Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Nimble.  Resilience.  Agility.  These are the buzzwords in today’s pandemic era.  The margin for success now is determined by how adaptable companies are to the “new normal”.  Not surprisingly, companies that were already down the digitalization road are finding the…

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Digital Risks On the Rise

With our accelerated dependency on digital assets, particularly in the past few months, the associated risks are also increasing.   From attempting to access personal data, to penetrating the walls of multinationals, we are seeing more evidence of cyber breaches and…

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Steps to protect mariner wellbeing abroad ship during Covid-19 by Maria Christopoulou Our seafarers are ON BOARD BUT they must NOT feel ALONE! Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the maritime industry once again faces a great challenge to overcome this…

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Ports News

‘Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise’ — Port of LA open 2020-03-18 -Nine vessels were being worked at the Port of Los Angeles Wednesday when Executive Director Gene Seroka provided a video update on the coronavirus. . . READ MORE

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New Tech News

Singapore to launch initiative for startups to tackle carbon emissions 2020-03-06- A new Singapore Trade and Transport Impact program will open for global startups to look into tackling decarbonisation. . . READ MORE

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