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SHIPPINGInsight 20/20: A Vision for the Decade - Developing Agenda

SHIPPINGInsight 20/20 will feature expertise from around the world on topics that will either make, or break, the mold of shipping. Topics that will be covered in October include:

Decade of Decarbonization: focusing on strategies to achieve ambitious goals to combat climate change

Decade of Digitalization: how will the Fourth Industrial Revolution support the industry’s need to deploy the most advanced technologies to increase its operational and financial efficiency?

Decade of Declaration: as the public gets more vocal, and organized, around our social license to operate

Decade of Data: data is King (or Queen) but it needs to be managed and presented in a useable fashion. Further the flow of data to be seamless requiring advanced communication tools

Decade of Disclosure: between regulatory requirements and tracking tools, the industry is being driven to transparency

Decade of Daring: the cyber attacks being promulgated around the world are constant. Do we have the tools for protection?

Decade of Dashboards: owners are looking for ease of use. Is it out there?

Decade of Disruption: we need to look for new ways of thinking about old problems and change  – everything

Decade of Development: new tech requires investment and faith

Decade of Discernment: due diligence is important as not all solutions work on ships!

Decade of Deals: the industry is consolidating. How will this unfold?

Decade of Discussion: we need to come together as an industry to collaborate on the pathway forward including how we are training and caring for mariners

Decade of Diversity: our industry needs to become more inclusive of the many forms in which talent appears

Decade of Design: new hull shapes, new bridge and cargo configurations, and new practices

Decade of Discipline: let’s not repeat the errors of the 2000’s. We need to order responsibly, and smartly!

Decade of Drones: providing intelligence, products and more


Three Days Not to be Missed!

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