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SHIPPINGInsight 2023 Day 2 PM Recap – The “R” Word- RISK

I just listened to an interview of Michael Hudner, a pioneer in ship finance who successfully applied real estate structures to shipping, who defined success in business as an exercise in risk management. Balancing all the plates in the air today is even more complex with the inputs of national, economic, digital, reputational and environmental security- but manage we must.

We must also look at how, despite anti-trust laws and restrictions, to collaborate on commercial elements. No company needs to spend resources reinventing the wheel, and at the same time we are not fully deploying all the digital tools in our wheelhouse to make our commercial activities more efficient.

Wednesday afternoon’s sessions highlighted both the risks, and rewards, available in shipping today- and gave us tools to keep all the plates in the air!!

Keep optimizing,

Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador
+1 203 255 4686 (o)
+1 203 260 0480 (m)

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