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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

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This week brought a broad spectrum of perspectives on maritime’s pursuit of decarbonization. While we are still trying to assimilate the implications of MEPC 80, many things are moving forward—but some are moving back.

Big in the news this week was the arrival of Maersk’s methanol powered container ship in Rotterdam, on its way to Copenhagen. This is a tremendous affirmation of the use of methanol as a fuel—we think. How “green” is it really? That is a question posed by Andrew Craig Bennett in SPLASH as he queries the validity of decarbonization claims, and calls on classification societies to develop a certification system for fuels to ensure that green is, well, green.

Probably the most disturbing news came from ExxonMobil, who seems no longer to be making even a pretense that it is attempting to decarbonize. While I recognize this is their core business, I have maintained for years that if I was their CEO, I would be investing in technologies that allowed me to continue to produce petroleum without the devastating impacts on the planet. Their prediction about heavy industry’s continued use of fossil fuels is daunting.

But I hate to end on a down note, so will wrap it up by illuminating the optimism of Mahdah MacLaine, Founder and Secretary General of ZESTAs (Zero Emission Ship Technology Association) who is confident that shipping will reach ABSOLUTE zero emissions by 2043!

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