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Boiling Frog

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There is a tale of a frog who was put into a pot of cold water, which was slowly heated to boiling. Because of the gradual nature of the event, the frog remained unaware of his peril until he expired.

This analogy is well suited for today’s geopolitical state. There are actions that are occurring all around us that seem benign—until they are not. For instance, in 2014 when China began building what we now call the Spratley Islands, we called them out but were satisfied with their answer that they were simply creating safe havens for their fishing fleets. Now they are militarized.

Last Fall at a Navy League event in New York City, Admiral James Foggo (USN Ret. and dean for the Center for Maritime Strategy at the Navy League of the United. States) stated that if the United States went to war with China in the South China Seas, we would need 100 tankers—we have 1, with the possibility of 10 through the Tanker Security Program.

This week it was also spotlighted that China is now building the equivalent of the Boeing 737 and Airbus’ A320, called the C919, using “appropriated” technology. This initiative is apparently designed to diminish the market share of the legacy, Western, countries.

Isn’t it time we got out of the pot?

Keep optimizing,

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Chief Evolution Officer
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