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The Many Faces of Compliance

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Compliance comes with many faces. There is MARPOL compliance (celebrating 50 years this year), sanctions compliance (a tool primarily used by governments), emission goal compliance (being reinforced by financial and insurance institutions) as well as meeting expectations by society on setting, and achieving, DEI goals. For all these faces comes the need for collaboration- and acceleration.

Society is scrutinizing our industry more than ever before. Achievements in communications mean that the public has greater access to our behavior.  With this increase in transparency comes greater responsibility to adhere to regulations that are either established, or anticipated.  We also must look at implications, and unintended consequences.

Utilizing digital tools to enhance a company’s risk of violating sanctions is important to protect global trade. Developing technologies to meet future fuel needs is critical to our adoption and utilization of these fuels.  Watching the pivot of our commercial institutions to facilitate our industry’s goal of reducing its environmental impact is riveting to watch, as is the recognition of these efforts on the global fleet. Equally promising is the role our organizations are taking to support the industry in its revolution.

Take the time to read below examples of this important work that our industry is doing. It will help you the next time you are at a cocktail partner and someone refers to our industry as “dirty” or “backward”. There are wonderful examples of how our industry is collaborating for our future!!

Keep optimizing,

Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
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