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SHIPPINGInsight SHOWCASE to Debut with SHIPNEXT – Emission Index Viability and Solution Key Discussion

SHIPPINGInsight will debut its SHOWCASE platform on Tuesday, December 13th at 1500ET. This inaugural webinar will feature a discussion by SHIPNEXT’s CEO and Founder, Alexander Varvarenko of their fully integrated calculation of individual and voyage emissions indexes, and will be moderated by Carleen Lyden Walker, SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer. To attend the SHOWCASE, go to SHIPPINGInsight SHOWCASE (to accommodate additional international attendees, an additional webinar will be hosted by SHIPNEXT on Tuesday, December 13th at 11.00 AM CET. Both webinars can be accessed via SHIPPINGInsight SHOWCASE).

“In the last 2-3 months, the formula proposed by the IMO has been widely criticized” stated Varvarenko.  “CEOs of several large and reputable shipping companies have expressed their concern and disapproval. Examples have demonstrated how the highest consuming vessels can actually show a “greener” footprint and a higher CO2 emission at the same time. This misrepresents the intent, and value, of the proposed index.”

To remedy this challenge, SHIPNEXT decided to propose a well-grounded and transparent solution. Each vessel will get 2 indexes:

  1. SHIPNEXT Individual Emission Index (SEI) – Emission index based on the individual technical parameters of the vessel, its speed, consumption, and intake.
  2. SHIPNEXT Voyage Emission Index (SVEI)- Emission index based on the individual technical parameters of the vessel, its speed, consumption and intake, that also takes into consideration the actual cargo quantity and the intended voyage.

Observed Varvarenko: “This approach will stimulate Shipowners and Charterers to optimize intake and increase the efficiency of the way they manage their fleet with the aim of minimizing ecological impacts. In other words, the overall effect of minimizing carbon emissions would be reached through reduced ballast runs and optimized intake.

SHIPNEXT has patented and launched a platform that allows instant freight-matching (cargo-to-ship and ship-to-cargo matching). The algorithm takes into consideration hundreds of factors that allow an instant overview of the best matching fleet, and the possibility of sorting them by such criteria as the duration of ballast, dead-weight, etc. The emission level of each vessel is thus instantly calculated, based on the total bunker consumed for each potential voyage, and is taken in proportion to the cargo quantity, and can be easily compared before voyage planning.

SHIPNEXT is a blockchain-driven Digital Shipping Marketplace and a reverse trading platform for shipping.  It uses natural language processing, machine learning, linear programing, AI and Big Data analysis for instant results and to generate the best shipping and transport solutions.  For information on other SHIPNEXT innovations, go to SHIPNEXT.

About SHIPPINGInsight:

SHIPPINGInsight is the fleet optimization and innovation platform for shipping that brings together fleet management with solution providers through its annual conference in October, as well as our SI-TV, SI-Podcast and SI-SHOWCASE platforms.

Photo: Alexander Varvarenko, CEO and Founder, SHIPNEXT

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