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Demand for Defense Recap

In the SHIPPINGInsight Wednesday afternoon Keynote Demand for Defense, we heard from Professor James Henry Bergeron, Political Advisor to the Commander, Allied Maritime Command, NATO who discussed the effects of the Ukrainian-Russian war on the seas, the ripple effects from the energy crisis reverberating through the global economy, and the continuous, increasing need to demand defense. Watch the replay now to hear more from James.

Following the keynote address, MTI Network hosted the Demand for Defense panel discussion with Jonathan Chia moderating. The panel featured the perspectives of Joe Hughes, Chairman American Club; Cynthia Hudson, CEO, HudsonCyber; Campbell Houston, MTI Network; and Peter Shaerf, Managing Director, AMA Capital Partners LLC.

As we heard from the panelists, global shipping and the maritime industry is facing a multitude of risks, and the convergence of risk creates an incredibly dynamic landscape that requires collaboration to manage. With the constant barrage of risks, defense is more important than ever.

Watch the replay now to hear the valuable insights from each of the panelists on the demand for defense in the maritime industry. (Note: to access the replay, you will simply need to input your email address, first and last name and organization)

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