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Secro Wins Approval from the International Group of P&I Clubs – Transformational Electronic Platform Provides Speed and Security

December 6, 2022—The International Group of P&I Clubs (the Group) added Secro as an approved electronic bill of lading provider.   Established in 2021, Secro is an independent technology company helping buyers and sellers of bulk commodities to digitize their core business workflows and optimize working capital.  Approval by the Group ensures that liabilities arising in respect to the carriage of cargo under such paperless trading are covered.  The legal documentation and terms of use associated with the use and operation of Secro system, as well as the Secro electronic bill of lading, were reviewed and approved by the Group.

Secro, which is a proud member of BIMCO, provides a frictionless digital trade documentation platform that is safe, trustable and seamless.  The customer is onboarded to the Secro platform with a nimble click-through process and can collaborate with its trading partners in minutes.  Internal due diligence is simplified by robust yet concise terms of use and conditions of carriage. Further, the Secro platform enables the customer to invite its trading partners on the platform, for free, just by sharing a secure link at any given stage of the transaction, allowing unprecedented flexibility.

Secro Co-Founder and CEO, Michele Sancricca stated: “Our customers asked us to build a platform to easily create securely exchanged electronic bills of lading with anyone in the world without the need for cumbersome private agreements. This innovative approach delivers the ease of adoption that legacy providers did not achieve.”

Truly viable electronic bills of lading, able to replace traditional paper-based documents, has been a chimera for decades. Thanks to Secro proprietary technology’s compliance with the latest digital trade laws, for the first time the adoption of electronic bills of lading really offers speed, security and cost savings.  With Secro’s ease of use, and the Group’s approval, traders, shippers, banks and ship owners can digitally transact with confidence.

Sancricca wants the maritime community to appreciate that this is just the beginning for Secro.  “Secro E-bill of lading is only the first product we are launching in this arena. Customers will find in Secro a one-stop-shop to digitize their end-to-end trade workflows.”

At SHIPPINGInsight 2022, Secro received the organization’s Innovation Award by securing the most support from investors and shipowners in the SHARK TANK.  Secro is currently available to selected customers with the public launch expected during Q1 2023. For more information on the company go to  Secro.

Media contacts:  Carleen Lyden Walker  +203 260 0480

Photo: (L to R)  Secro Co-Founder and CEO Michele Sancricca, Dan Holmes of Bureau Veritas, and SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer Carleen Lyden Walker.

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