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DNV Keynote And Demand For Digitalization Panel

In the SHIPPINGInsight Wednesday morning Opening Keynote: Closing the Gap Between Aspiration and Reality, we heard from Knut Orbeck-Nilssen, CEO, DNV, on the “tectonic shifts that are rocking the foundation of the maritime industry” – from unpredictable markets to geopolitical shocks. The shift around digitalization – including reviewing previous technologies with a new perspective – and the array of demands the industry is facing, from decarbonization, to safety, innovations, cyber security, infrastructure, energy production, investments in the industry, and developing the workforce, means it is ever more critical to not have tunnel vision. Watch the replay now to hear more from Knut.

Following the keynote address, DNV hosted the Demand for Digitalization panel discussion, with Simon Mockler, Regional Director for Decarbonization at DNV moderating. The panel featured the perspectives of Tobias Groger, Director of Sales Americas, StormGeo; Beau Campfield, Enterprise Account Executive, SEDNA; Ivonne Auerbach, Client Director, Vessel Insight Customer Success, Kongsberg Digital; Knut Orbeck-Nilssen, CEO, DNV; Nathalie Sykora, Chief Global Operations Officer at The CSL Group Inc.; Torsten Holst Pedersen, COO, Seaspan and Jason Kelly, CIO, Moran Shipping Agencies.

As we heard from the panelists, global shipping and the maritime industry now realizes that digitalization has transformed from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” with the value beginning to be recognized. In this transformation though, it is important to not lose sight of the human element in digitalization, and the challenges in change management – and embracing the change that comes with it. Digitalization can also have several definitions and cannot be achieved in a vacuum, and that collaboration that is critical.

Watch the replay now to hear the valuable insights from each of the panelists on the ever-growing demand for digitalization facing the industry, and how we can best address them. (Note: to access the replay, you will simply need to input your email address, first and last name and organization)

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