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Setting The Stage Recaps (The New Face of Shipping and Decision Making in a Fluid World)

In this Decade of Demand, with rapidly ever-evolving change across the industry, we heard from two expert leaders, Semiramis Paliou, CEO, Diana Shipping on Tuesday, October 11th and Lois Zabrocky, CEO, International Seaways on Wednesday, October 12th. Semiramis Set the Stage discussing the New Face of Shipping and Lois Set the Stage in Decision Making in a Fluid World.

Semiramis shared her insights on ESG, and the need for the maritime industry to acknowledge and hear all stakeholders. To create “a successful, sustainable maritime industry” we must fully embrace the E, the S, and the G. She emphasized the need to encourage sharing of information and to work proactively and not reactively to “create a better world for the sake of generations.” Learn more by watching the replay now.

Lois shared her insights on disruption – from the financial crisis to global pandemics – and navigating volatility and the dynamic challenges that require constant decision making. She shared insights on assessing drivers in the business to be better prepared to make decisions on demand. Watch the replay now to hear more of Lois’ insightful remarks.

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