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The Jetson Indicators

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Imagine being able to envision the future by going back to some predictors that we have taken as entertainment? Remember when SHIPPINGInsight 2019 used the theme, borrowed from 2001- A Space Odyssey, as a metaphor for the anticipated changes wrought by IMO 2020? We witnessed those changes that had been imagined in 1968 in its depiction of what we now call “FaceTime” and “Zoom.”

Last week George Jetson was “born.” While the sitcom cartoon show was staged in 2062, we can see similarities in technology with their “televiewer” and today’s Roomba, microwaves and flying cars. How about a flying ferry? Satcomms at sea which provide 24/7 connectivity in the middle of the ocean? The consideration of nuclear as an energy source for commercial use on ships?

The speed at which shipping is transforming itself will allow us to reach our goals sooner than the cynics are predicting. Governments are actively participating in this change, and the recent surge in earnings are greasing the wheels as well. Cross-referencing innovations matched with acceptance of change will get us there and defy the naysayers.

Happy birthday, George!

Keep optimizing,

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