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A Plethora of Choices

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The past few months have seen much activity around energy alternatives to reduce/replace fossil fuels.  LNG, an alternative that has been around for a while, is seeing a surge in orders and GTT seems to also be expanding into hydrogen.  Methanol and ammonia seem to be vying for a seat at the table, along with battery, biofuels and nuclear.

While IMO will declare the timeframe, industry will dictate the pathways.  As a fossil fuel-based option, LNG is a strong contender as a transitional fuel along with methanol.  Ammonia has safety concerns, and electric battery is still limited to coastwise or short voyages.  Hydrogen and nuclear have a future—in the future.

What’s a shipowner to do?

Join us at SHIPPINGInsight for our Deep Dive on Energy Alternatives hosted by DNV.  Each of these options will have a chance to present their strengths, with the Shipowner “Industry Bridge” positioned to challenge their applicability.  Hopefully we will find answers and debunk myths!

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