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ShipNext Wins SHIPPINGInsight Innovation Award for AI Digital Shipping Marketplace and Transportation Platform

Award Presented at the Posidonia SHIPPINGInsight SHARK TANK event

Athens, Greece – June 9, 2022 – The prestigious SHIPPINGInsight Innovation Award was brought to Posidonia in Athens, Greece for the first time last week and was presented on Thursday, June 9 to SHIPNEXT for their innovative AI digital shipping marketplace and transportation platform transforming a $2 trillion market, at the conclusion of SHIPPINGInsight’s first international SHARK TANK. The award, previously presented annually at the SHIPPINGInsight Conference, will be presented semi-annually in 2022 – at Posidonia and again in October, to honor two solution providers for the successful development and implementation of an innovative initiative that advances the state of the art in ship and fleet optimization goals.  The winner is chosen by the “Sharks” through their “investment” in the various technologies (“chum”) presented in the SHARK TANK.

“Ever since the shift of shipping communication and negotiations from telex and fax to email, the shipping market was to the greater extent driven by daily flows of millions of emails and messages. Both for communication purposes as well as data collection. At Shipnext, we patented the process of scraping useful data from emails and messages and connecting it with other shipping data on a shipping platform for freight-matching and freight-search. Thus, creating a digital replica of the shipping market.” says Alexander Varvarenko, CEO of Shipnext. “The shift of the shipping markets from record lows to record highs, and the importance of supply-chain management in today’s changing world, gives Shipnext an excellent opportunity and timing to gain popularity. Since December 2021, the number of Shipnext users has increased by over 300%. This great award received at Posidonia is symbolic and gives us optimistic expectations ahead of us!”

“SHIPPINGInsight is proud to attract innovative products and services to its SHARK TANK every year from around the world,” stated Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer for the company.  “It is exciting to be able to recognize tomorrow’s solutions today through our SHIPPINGInsight Innovation Award.  Many of our contestants go on to be picked up by investors and maritime interests, but only one is recognized with our award.”

The award winner received a glass trophy as well as framed certificates.


About ShipNext
SHIPNEXT is a Digital Shipping Marketplace and Transportation Platform transforming a $2 trillion market. SHIPNEXT patented the process of combining email and data processing with the concept of using a shipping platform for instant cargo-to-ship and ship-to-cargo matching, dynamic freight search, data analytics, chartering and trading, digitalisation of work-flows. We are the only platform up to date that offers a full A-to-Z process and covers all types of trades regardless of the size, type, form and destination of cargo, including dry-bulk, breakbulk, wet-bulk, containerized, heavy and oversized cargo. Also SHIPNEXT patented the process of optimisation of freight search, delivery planning and optimisation of transportation, by way of using algorithms and Artificial intelligence for data processing and shipping email processing, data-processing on Cargo, Fleet, Ports, Shipping Routes, in real-time with the help of a Digital Shipping Platform.

About SHIPPINGInsight
Originally established in 2012, SHIPPINGInsight continues year-over-year growth. Focusing on fleet optimization and innovation, the event provides a forum for shipowners and solution providers to exchange ideas and discuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry. Since its inception, SHIPPINGInsight has been attended by over 7000 registered delegates from 42 countries, with over 850 shipowners and hundreds of speakers. At our most recent in-person conference, SHIPPINGInsight welcomed more than 280 delegates from 19 countries, including 71 shipping company executives. For more information, please visit

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Carleen Lyden Walker


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