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It may seem old fashioned, but SAFETY FIRST…

The past weeks’ headlines have been filled with images of ships burning, broken on shores, or hitting breakwaters.  While accidents do happen, how can they be so prevalent in our modern age?  Digitalization should have our navigation, fire sensors, and communications capabilities in a space where much of this can be prevented.

Further, a note from the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy for the United States Coast Guard, states in its latest Port State Control report “Our data this year shows that fire safety, safety management systems, and lifesaving were the leading cause for detentions.”  This is a consistent finding over the past decade and possibly longer.

Maybe it is hubris, but no matter how much experience is gained, there is always a need to be alert and operating at the highest levels.  As we know, safety has a domino effect—just one step removed from the process can create a cascading impact.  But the stakes continue to grow, with ships getting larger, systems getting more complex, and the risks to life and company’s bottom line escalating.

Knowledge is power.  We must continue our inquiry into improvement so images like those above will fade away.  We must challenge assumptions in our pursuit of quality.  And we must recognize that we are ALL responsible for SAFETY FIRST.

Keep Optimizing (Safely),


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