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Day Two of SHIPPINGInsight Calls for Regulatory Framework

October 12, 2021: Day Two

of SHIPPINGInsight 2021- Bridging the Decade opened today with a keynote address from Sabrina Chao, CEO of Wah Kwong shipping who highlighted the incentives for shipping as it evolves:  voluntary, commercial and regulatory- but that “regulatory is the only way of obtaining a level playing field”.  Further, her optimism about shipping achieving zero carbon is not high, but stated “industry cannot meet deadlines if solutions are not available.”

Ms. Chao’s remarks, and more, were delivered during the second day of SHIPPINGInsight 2021: Bridging the Decade Fleet Optimization & Innovation Conference and Exhibition being held virtually from October 11-13th. This top-tier event focuses on challenges facing the maritime world entering the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” with disruptors like climate deadlines, automation and digitalization joining forces and creating a whirlpool of change and profound new opportunities for our industry.

From Jason Kelly of Moran Shipping and Attender, we heard the call for open innovation.  This was echoed by Chris Aversano of Q88 who claims that partnering is the new disruption where digital companies have to get used to working together.  Caroline Medich added that digital tools improve the resilience of industry that enables customers to be current, connected and comprehensive.

Day three will open with a keynote address from Ley Hoon Quah, Chief Executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).  It is still not too late to join the event. Register today at SHIPPINGINSIGHT: 2021 Registration Page.

In response to Jason Kelly’s comment that many aspects of industry are like the “stagecoach facing the introduction of rail.”  David Dolan gave delegates a window into the new Attender- an AI provider and disruptor for ship management by creating an Amazon for industry.  Partnership is the key for business in shipping.

Supporting Gary Vogel’s call from Day One to utilize existing approaches to decarbonization, Peter Lindsay shared Purify Fuel’s nanO2 Combustion Catalysts which offers shipping an immediate reduction in GHG’s.  shipowners panel was hosted by Cayman Ship Registry, with a star-studded cast of shipowner/operators.  Angela Chao, CEO of Foremost emphasized that IMO needs to do a better job of outreach to other stakeholders, including charterers and oil majors:  “Shipping cannot come up with solutions without other stakeholders’ involvement”.  Some felt that IMO2020 was a good test of industry’s ability to approach decarbonization in this decade.

It was a real thrill to have the “Hero of Hurricane Katrina” and former USCG Commandant Thad Allen with us today to give us his perspective on what maritime needs to look out for to defend its interests in the Decade of Defense.  He warned of us of a Cyber Pearl Harbor, or Cyber Storm 1.  We are in the process of redefining what general welfare is.  Time has come to start a national effort—not sectoral but unified.  We need to defend against another 9/11 attack.

SHIPPINGInsight’s Deep Dive Technical Sessions drew a lot of attention for its technical foundation and breadth of expert opinion, with one attendee claiming that “The only way out of carbon was on the Energy Alternatives panel.”  The Bahamas Maritime Authority hosted the Safety at Sea Deep Dive and focused primarily on the mariner, with suggestions for revisions to the MLC2006,  and future workforce development where providing a safe work environment is critical to attracting entrants into the industry.

SHIPPINGInsight 2021 is in its 10th year of providing a platform for fleet management and solution providers to exchange views and information on strategies for the maritime industry to accelerate change in order to meet the demands of society, regulations, operational risks, crew welfare and protection of the environment. This year’s three-day program will address industry challenges and changes through roundtable discussions between shipowners, regulators and solution providers around decarbonization, digitalization, defense, decisions, and disruption. Discussions around issues critical to industry today will be held during the “Decade of…” sessions, with decarbonization and digitalization in the forefront.  “Deep Dive” technical sessions will range from fleet management to fuel alternatives and safety at sea.

Participants in the program include USCG’s Jeffrey Lantz, D’Amico’s Joe Gross, Fleet Management’s Mohan MuppidiGiorgos Kyriazis  of P Ship Systems, Boriana Farrar of Patriot Contract Services, Jim Lawrence of MTI Network, International Seaway’s Jeff Pribor, Bahamas Maritime Authority’s Captains Dwain Hutchinson and Steve Bomgardner, Cynthia Hudson of HudsonAnalytix, Keegan Plakson of American Bureau of Shipping, Michael Parker of Citibank and the Poseidon Principles, Michael Webber of Webber Research, Morten Arntzen of Team Tankers, Semiramis Paliou of Diana Shipping, Chembulk CEO Bart Kelleher, Sherice Arman of Maple Group, Ardmore’s Tony Gurnee, Rob Hughes of Genco Shipping, Sadan Kaptanoglu of Kaptanoglu Shipping, Peter Southgate of the Cayman Ship Registry, Max Bobys of HudsonAnalytix, Mark O’Neil of Columbia Shipmanagement, Guy Platten  of the International Chamber of Shipping, and Knut Ørbeck-Nielssen of DNV.

The capstone of the event is SHIPPINGInsight’s SHARK TANK , scheduled for October 13th, where representatives of new technologies (“Chum”) pitch their products and services to a panel of judges (“Sharks”).  The winner will receive SHIPPINGInsight’s Innovation Award, and every year most participants find funding or sponsors for their innovations. The award is presented annually to honor a solution provider for the successful development and implementation of an innovative initiative that advances the state of the art in ship and fleet optimization goals.  The 2020 Innovation Award was presented to Sterling PBES (SPBES) for their hybrid battery power for vessel operations which provides a cost-effective system to reduce fuel emissions and “future-proof” sources of energy for vessels. SHIPPINGInsight is proud to attract such innovative products and services to its SHARK TANK every year from all around the world and are excited to see the “Chum” of 2021.

About SHIPPINGInsight

Originally established in 2012, SHIPPINGInsight has grown steadily each year. Focusing on fleet optimization and innovation, the event provides a forum for fleet managers and solution providers to exchange ideas and discuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry.  More than 750 delegates from 35 countries attended the 2020 event, including 101 shipping company executives.  For more information, please visit



Featured Photo: Angela Chao, CEO Foremost Shipping

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