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Prioritizing the Health of the Maritime Community

Prioritizing the Health of the Maritime Community: SHIPPINGInsight Pivots to Virtual Event

September 17, 2021: Chief Evolution Officer, Carleen Lyden Walker, has announced that SHIPPINGInsight 2021: Bridging the Decade Fleet Optimization & Innovation Conference and Exhibition is planned to be held virtually October 11-13th. The original goal had been to produce a hybrid event, but due to escalating COVID-19 infections, this year’s event will be virtual.

“SHIPPINGInsight remains the maritime industry’s premier event for fleet optimization and innovation, but the health and safety of the maritime industry must take priority,” stated Ms. Walker.  “Our respect and care for the shipping community transcends our preference for a physical event.  Infection rates are climbing, and it is anticipated that 150,000 Americans will die of COVID-19 by the end of the year.  We do not want this event to contribute to that number. In addition, a number of our partners and speakers are not able to travel to our event, either due to government regulations or company policy.  We want our event to be inclusive and provide a level playing field for all.”

“Recognizing our collective disappointment at not gathering physically this year, SHIPPINGInsight is committed to providing the tools and the connections to make this conference even more valuable and informative for all participants and partners” Ms. Walker continued. “Last year, SHIPPINGInsight was recognized as the most productive virtual event in the maritime sphere.  In addition to delivering a compelling global event, we run a robust post-event marketing program to augment the visibility of the conference content.  Last year, we were able to double the participation due to our efforts.  We intend to exceed that benchmark this year, and are grateful to our partners, speakers and delegates for their understanding and support.“

SHIPPINGInsight is the lead for North American Shipping Week, followed by the Connecticut Maritime Association’s SHIPPING 2021 event which will be an “in-person” event with a shared visual component.

“The maritime community is precious to us.  We will always put its welfare first” concluded Ms. Walker.

To register to attend SHIPPINGInsight 2021: Bridging the Decade, visit SHIPPINGInsight Conference Registration.

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