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One well-versed maritime professional’s opinion on the Pathway for Decarbonization

One well-versed maritime professional’s opinion on the Pathway for Decarbonization
SHIPPINGInsight is honored to have its Conference Chairman, Angus Campbell, share his views on how the industry can best reach its decarbonization goals. See below!
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Navigating the energy transition

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC), report adds urgency to the need for carbon intensive industries to define ways to decarbonise. Having considered this challenge for some time, shipping appears to have commenced a voyage with no clear destination in mind. The issue is certainly complex, with deep-sea and short-sea sectors evaluating different solutions to arrive at the ultimate destination of zero emission shipping. Short-sea shipping may focus on battery or hybrid options, combined with widespread availability of shore power. This article concentrates on deep-sea, high horsepower shipping, exploring potential options for the sector over the coming decades.

Of course, considerable debate will continue to rage over climate change impact and severity. However, for shipping, as a carbon intensive and hard to abate sector, there is no choice but to deliver solutions that will ultimately achieve carbon free ocean transportation. The rules have changed. Our customers expect, and demand, transparent progress towards decarbonisation. Regional regulations are shaping up to drive change through carbon pricing and other measures to accelerate progress. As presently structured, events are moving faster than the International Maritime Organization, (IMO), can accommodate by consensus. Consequently, the United Nations agency charged with the performance of international shipping is unlikely to provide definitive guidance quickly enough. The choice is stark; start planning and act or watch your service offering become obsolete in the marketplace of tomorrow. . . . .Read Full Article

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