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Celebrating Independence and Community

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Celebrating Independence and Community

This week, the United States is celebrating its independence with fireworks and outdoor meals.  It is particularly poignant this year as we appreciate the opportunity to gather as a community for the first time in nearly 16 months of quarantining due to the global pandemic.  Given that the battle is not yet won, and that many parts of the world are still in crisis, we do not take these gifts for granted, but rather are grateful for our freedom.

This week, too, marks the release of the Ever Given by the Suez Canal Authority.  This is another reminder that open passage is a privilege, not a right.  We must operate at our highest levels and earn the trust of society to carry its goods and energy safely with minimal impacts on the planet.  As a community, we are working diligently to do so.

Community– that is one of the most treasured and unique facets of our industry.  While global in reach and service, we are a relatively small cohort which requires us to act responsibly and with integrity at all times.  An adage that I embrace is “You only have one reputation to lose”, which dovetails with Warren Buffett’s statement that “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”.

In the coming months we will have opportunities to discuss and debate the future of our industry and our transition towards it.  HOW we get there is as important as getting there.  Information is being collected and disseminated at an overwhelming pact with decisions coming in the next few years that will alter our industry forever.

This is what we will bring to you at SHIPPINGInsight in October.  Join us!

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