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Governments and Industry Focusing on Alignment and Change

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The years 2016-2020 presented challenge after challenge to me.  While I won’t explore all the gory details, one that stands out was the United States’ position on climate change. As someone who loves her country, it was difficult to see our IMO delegation hobbled by policy that wouldn’t permit participation in the framing of how shipping was going to be successful in reducing its contribution to global warming.

Now the fetters are off, the elephant in the room has disappeared, and we can fully participate as a nation in the global maritime industry’s efforts to effect change and provide solutions.  We will be joining governments that have consistently provided support and guidance on the way forward to solve this global challenge.

While the numbers are staggering ($1.4 trillion for shipping alone to decarbonize) it is possible if we are working together in public-private partnerships to develop solutions.  We need the expertise from both governments and industry to develop and coordinate the technology necessary to tackle these weighty issues.  We need the appropriate legislation to facilitate the process—and we certainly need the funding!

We are entering a new phase of developing climate change solutions and we need all players to participate to the best of their ability.  We are fighting for the survival of our planet and our society; we need to reverse the slow-motion demise!

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