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One of the most important drivers of change is leadership.  It is important for someone to take the risk– whether personal, professional or commercial—to lead us into uncharted waters in order to grow and develop.  But that leader doesn’t have to go it alone—it is equally important that a leader bring others along (we can’t all be Elon Musk, whom some tag as a bit crazy in addition to being forward leaning!)

A wonderful example of this is Stena setting goals for itself AND its customers (see below).  They have announced a strategy which includes not only the actions behind their commitment to lower, then eliminate, carbon emissions, but also those of its cargo.  They are broadening their impact beyond the traditional and setting expectations for another partner in the logistics chain.  As we become more and more facile with the tools of digitalization being offered throughout this chain, we can expect to see more utilization of such a strategy in order to streamline the transportation of commerce, as well as reduce its environmental impacts.

Being a leader takes courage and a vision for how to accomplish a goal.  They set an example and set the pace.  They are open to suggestions on how to improve the process and inspire others to greatness.  And they keep their eye on the objective despite distractions.

Be fearless, and keep optimizing,


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