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Disruption—How the Ever Given Illuminated Shipping’s Role

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For the past week, global society has been riveted by the grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal.  It has been one of the trending topics in social media with memes galore!  One of my favorites is the David and Goliath relationship between the excavator and the ship it was trying to free, with captions such as “me just trying to do my best”.

While the event was truly regrettable as an interruption of the supply chain, it does have its value!  During this period, mainstream media breathlessly reported the true value of shipping: 14% of global trade was blocked from transiting the Canal, which interrupts the delivery of cars, energy, electronics and more!!  Without a fatality or environmental disaster, “civilians” began to understand their relationship to ships and shipping.

How do we follow this up to deepen society’s understanding and invite them into relationship with our industry?  What can we do to truly solidify their grasp of how much their world depends on this trade?  Shall we introduce them to the advanced technology that is ongoing to decarbonize our industry?  Shall we tout our statistics of the efficiency of marine transportation?  Shall we exploit the benefits of a career at sea?  All of the above?

Let’s use this moment to lift up the industry.  We can do this through the Global Maritime Information Coalition (GMIC) if we act together!  Let me know!

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