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Decade of Defense

U.S. Coast Guard Ship Fires Warning Shots in Latest Encounter with Iranian vessels

2021-05-10– A U.S. Coast Guard ship fired about 30 warning shots after 13 vessels from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. . . READ MORE

U.S. Navy Cruiser Seizes Giant Shipment of Weapons in Arabian Sea

2021-05-09– The U.S. Navy has seized a massive shipment of arms from a stateless dhow in the Arabian Sea, U.S. defense. . . READ MORE

Can the G7 Countries Create an Alternative to China’s Belt and Road?

2021-05-17– Western nations have been critical of China’s outpouring of development capital in Africa under its Belt and Road Initiative. . . READ MORE

Philippines Will Not Confront China’s Maritime Militia

2021-04-20- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said challenging China in the South China Sea will only lead to violence. . . READ MORE

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