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Be a Champion for Change!

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It is easy to get caught up bemoaning the challenges and barriers to success that crop up during these crazy days. In our industry it seems as though we are being inundated, perhaps burdened, by regulatory, societal and competitive pressures to change.

Instead of viewing this as a problem, why not take a page out of the CMA-CGM playbook (see below) and jump in with both feet. Our world is replete with ideas that develop into products/services but many don’t make it past the concept stage because they lack funding, or the opportunity to test concepts, or a champion who will help them refine the product and guide them on how to get it into the industry.

We are increasingly seeing areas of collaboration around significant industry issues. How about rallying around new tech and new ideas? Reach out to your favorite (if not closest) incubator or accelerator to offer your help. Become a Champion for Change as we navigate new waters. Help our industry accelerate its transformation towards efficiency, environmentalism, new energy and growth.

There is an old expression: “a rising tide floats all boats.” Translated: by becoming a Champion for Change, everyone wins!

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