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Mitul Dave, Managing Director AlphaRize Management Ltd.

New COVID-19 Testing Kits Available to Maritime Industry: Rapid Results and Ease of Use Intended to Facilitate Crew Change

January 25–SINGAPORE In an exclusive agreement between a leading pharma manufacturing company based in Singapore and AlphaRize Management Ltd. to distribute rapid result COVID-19 testing kits, one of the major barriers to solving the crew change crisis is solved. The Rapid Antigen Test Kit offers a quick testing kit for crews pre-joining a vessel as well as departure and arrival at ports to avoid delays in obtaining Free Pratique. This could be the game changer in safeguarding seafarers onboard and controlling surprise expenses related to COVID-19 (delays, demurrage, missing laycan and more). It also provides assurances of health to port state countries working to protect their citizens while keeping commerce moving.

The Rapid Antigen Test Kit is European Union CE certified and far superior to any other product on the market with the potential to revolutionize the way COVID testing is being conducted globally, as it targets every pertinent issue plaguing the testing space: ease of use, availability, efficacy and cost. Many countries are looking to get priority access to such kits, especially considering the renewed urgency brought upon by the new mutation of the virus.

The Rapid Antigen Test Kit does not require lab equipment as everything needed to conduct the test is in the box and can be carried out by designated Medical Officer on board. It is a saliva / sputum-based test versus the common uncomfortable nasal or throat swabs and provides results in 15 minutes instead of 1-3 days as per current practice and are extremely accurate with high sensitivity of 95%+ and specificity of 100%. The Rapid Antigen Test Kit has European Union certification already in place (CE certified) with additional certifications in process in the UK and USA, and also detects the mutant strains which are emerging.

Instant results mean that prompt decisions can be made onboard with regards to further testing & isolation of confirmed cases. Additionally, this ensures better management of infected individuals, since results are available within 15 minutes which reduces the risk of an infected person passing on the infection to others onboard while waiting for test results. It will also give greater confidence to onboard staff when dealing with visitors and on-signers. There are extensive onboard uses possible during a voyage, before arrival, after departure, for shore-based visitors, before and after shore leave which provides comfort for vessel owners, managers and operators, as it reduces the level of uncertainty with regard to the number of infections that may be passed on through external sources.

“The key to fighting Covid19 onboard is prompt identification, isolation and treatment as required” stated AlphaRize’s Managing Director, Mitul Dave. “Consider the benefits if this test is conducted for all crew members just before departure along with pre-departure ‘DRUG AND STOWAWAY SEARCH’. The Master and Ship Manager will be in a better position to make decisions with this early warning tool. It would also improve a country’s acceptance of crew changes due to the certainly of negative infection. In a nutshell, this product solves the issue of accurate rapid testing being made available, in a non-invasive way without long lead times for results, at a very affordable price.”

AlphaRize Management Ltd. has sector exclusivity with the roll-out of the Rapid Antigen Test Kit for the maritime community. Despite countries’ demand for this solution, they are intent on securing a supply for the shipping industry to help relieve the crew crisis.

For more information, contact Mitul Dave at use INFO@ALPHA-RIZE.COM.

Media Contact: Carleen Lyden Walker +203 260 0480

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