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Looking for the wins in 2021- a leap of faith?

As we enter 2021, let’s focus on the lessons from 2020 and the outlook for 2021.  While we all mourn the deaths due to COVID and the restrictions placed on our lives in order to prevent the spread, not to mention the financial turmoil, it wasn’t ALL bad.  COVID forced us to accelerate change in our work lives, and the way we operate.  We learned to work remotely—and that remote working WORKS!!!  We also learned how to maximize our utilization of emerging technology, particularly digital technology.

We realized that the public is paying close attention to our actions—or inaction.  Regrettably, the COVID story masked the tremendous success of IMO2020 and its corresponding reduction in sulphur emissions.  Even more regrettably was the Wakashio shipwreck off Mauritius leaving 1000 tonnes of fuel oil on pristine coral reefs.  We also witnessed the IMO being picketed on climate issues—we will be learning more about their strategy in 2021!

As we look to the pundits predicting that 2021 will be a turnaround year for shipping—and we are already seeing that in the container sector—we are hopeful that the bulk industries will be equally fortunate, and that the cruise sector realizes the expectation it will re-enter their market with strength and “pent up demand”.

Welcome 2021 as we bridge the decade and take a leap of faith!

Keep optimizing,


Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer

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