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Monday, October 11th

Plenary Day 1


1400: All Hands – Welcome & Opening Remarks 

  • Welcome – Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer,  SHIPPINGInsight

1415: Opening Keynote

  • State of the Industry Address: Decarbonization in Maritime – A Global Requirement
    Christopher Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

1430: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Decade of Decarbonization hosted by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

The shipping industry needs to find solutions to meet impending global requirements for reducing CO2 emissions and more. Learn what industry experts believe is the pathway forward and associated challenges

  • Host – Christopher Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Legislative Measures IMO/USCG – Jeffrey Lantz, Director of Commercial Regulations & Standards, USCG
  • Industry Approaches – Madadh MacLaine, Secretary General, ZESTAS
  • Regulatory Role – Nicholas Makar, Senior Vice President, Maritime Administration / Regulatory Affairs, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry
  • Shipping Realities – Bud Darr, MSC Group

1530: Bridge Break | Coffee hosted by LISCR

1600: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Future Through Technology: What is available today, and what is needed to future proof vessels for tomorrow – hosted by Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

  • Shipowner Keynote – Gary Vogel, CEO, Eagle Bulk

Shipowners today are faced with the need to renew their fleets in an uncertain environment.  With a trading life of at least 15 years or more, and the need to meet regulatory and societal requirements for reduced impacts while maintaining efficiency and profitability, what is the pathway forward? 

  • Moderator – David Cummins, President and CEO, Blue Sky Maritime Coalition
  • Panel Discussion: 
    • New Propulsion, Edward J. Tregurtha,  President, Moran Towing
    • New Approaches, Brent Perry, CEO, Sterling PlanB
    • New Designs, Peter van Diepen, Partner, NaviForm Consulting & Research
    • New Ideas, Captain Anuj Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO, ESGPlus

1715: Subject Matter Expert Closing Remarks 

1730: Presentation of the McCready Award – Ed Waryas, USMMA and Knot Partners

  • Recipient – Sara Browhan Rivas, TOTE Services

1745: Closing Remarks 

  • Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight

Tuesday, October 12th

Plenary Day 2


0900: All Hands – Welcome – Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight

  • Opening Keynote: Bridging the Gap Between Aspiration and Reality, Sabrina Chao, Chair & CEO, Wah Kwong Shipping Ltd. President, BIMCO

0915: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Decade of Digitalization hosted by Attender

This decade will illuminate the winners and losers through the “digital divide”. Those who are nimble and operating their companies with a heretofore efficiency created by digitalization will thrive. The laggards will be punished with higher costs and lower profitability.

  • Host & Moderator – Jason Kelly, EVP, Moran Shipping Agencies/Attender
  • Profitability – Joe Gross, Dry Operations Manager, d’Amico Shipping
  • Accountability – Caroline Medich, Managing Director, Total Marine Solutions
  • Efficiency – Christopher Aversano, President, CMA 
  • Performance – David Dolan, Attender/Moran Shipping Agencies

1015: Bridge Break | Coffee hosted by LISCR

1045: Deep Dive – Fleet Management Optimization – OPex, CapEx, Routing, Efficiency and more – hosted by ABS

  • Moderator: Smarty Matthew John, Vice President of Digital Solutions, ABS
  • Industry Bridge
    • Captain Mohan Muppidi, SVP of Operations, Fleet Management Limited
    • Mark Brennan, Chief Development Officer, SeaARCTOS
    • Darren Shelton, Chief Product Officer, FuelTust
    • Mike Powell, Strategy Director, Stratum Five
    • Balaji Sankaran, Co-CEO, Alpha Ori Technology
    • Taylor March, Director of Sales, Nautilus Labs

1045: Deep Dive – Fuel & Bunkering hosted by Petrospot

  • Host & Moderator – Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Managing Director, Director, Petrospot, Shipping Innovation 
  • Industry Bridge
    • Ramesh Bhat, Maritime Technical Director, Mangrove Partners
    • Mads Bjørnebye, Manager of Bunker Services, Teekay Tankers
    • Jack Grogan, Senior Account Manager, VPS
    • Peter Lindsey, Vice President – Marine, Purify Fuel
    • Dr. Ram Vis, Founder & Director, Viswa Group
    • Sara Shipman Myers, Management, Speciality Fuels Bunkering LLC.

1145: Deep Dive – Energy Alternatives hosted by DNV

  • Host & Moderator – Simon Mockler, Business Development Director, Decarbonization and Digitalization, Maritime Americas, DNV 
  • Industry Bridge
    • Eric Nagel, Director of Atlantic Aframax and Global Support Services, Teekay 
    • LNG – Aziz Bamik, General Manager, GTT North America
    • Hydrogen – Jan Hagen Andersen, Business Development Director, Maritime Americas, DNV
    • Battery – Brent Perry, CEO, Sterling PlanB
    • Nuclear – Mikal Boe, CEO, CorePower
    • E-Methanol  Lee Kindberg, Head of Environment and Sustainability, North Americas, Maersk

1145: Deep Dive – Regulatory Compliance Challenges & Solutions hosted by Total Marine Solutions 

  • Host & Moderator – Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, Founder & President, Total Marine Solutions
  • Industry Bridge
    • Captain Thomas Hudson, Operations Superintendent, Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Ltd
    • Nicholas Confuorto, Senior Advisor, CROE 
    • Giorgos Kyriazis, Associate, P Ship Systems Ltd 
    • Valerie Cannon, Environmental Compliance Manager, Ocean Guardian
    • Giles Candy, Executive Business Development, Scienco/Fast BWTS

1245: Lunch on the Bridge hosted by the North American Marine Environment Association (NAMEPA)

1315: Shipowner Panel hosted by Cayman Ship Registry 

  • Host & Moderator – Peter Southgate, Regional Director Americas, Cayman Registry
  • Jan-Willem van den Dijssel, America’s Lead, Cargill
  • Angela Chao, Chair & CEO, Foremost Group
  • Anthony Gurnee, President & Director, Ardmore Shipping
  • Rob Hughes, Chief Operations Officer, Genco 
  • Jones Alexandre Barros Soares, Master Mariner & Operations Executive Manager, Petrobras 
  • Sherice Arman, Board Chairman, Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands

1400: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Decade of Defense hosted by Bahamas Maritime Authority

  • Keynote Address – ADM Thad Allen, USCG (Ret), HudsonAnalytix

With each passing decade, the world gets more dangerous. Shipping is faced with multiple threats: pandemics, geo-political forces, cyber, piracy, and economic security. How is a company to navigate choppy waters?

  • Host Introduction – Captain Steven Bomgardner, Regional Managing Directory, Bahamas Maritime Authority
  • Risk Management – Joseph Hughes, President and CEO, Shipowners Claims Bureau
  • Cyber – Cynthia Hudson, CEO, HudsonAnalytix
  • Crisis Management  Jim Lawrence, Founding Partner, MTI Network
  • Shipowner’s View – 
    • Boriana Farrar, Chief Legal Office-Patriot Contract Services
    • Bart Kelleher, CEO, Chembulk 

1500: Bridge Break | Coffee hosted by LISCR 

1530: Deep Dive – Digitalization & Cyber: Risks & Rewards hosted by HudsonAnalytix

  • Host & Moderator: Cynthia Hudson, CEO, HudsonAnalytix
  • Industry Bridge 
    • Alexis Lemon-Zakou, Operations Manager, GENCO
    • Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein, Chief Commercial Officer,
      Yxney Maritime
    • Max Bobys, Vice President & Practice Leader, HudsonCyber
    • Dr. Usama Fayyad, Chairman and Founder, Open Insights
    • Matt Costello, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

1530: Deep Dive – Safety on the High Seas hosted by Bahamas Maritime Authority 

  • Host & Moderator: Captain Dwain Hutchinson, Managing Director and CEO, Bahamas Maritime Authority
    • Rachael White, Co-Founder, CSSS
    • Guy Platten, International Chamber of Shipping 
    • The Reverend Mark Nestlehutt, President & Executive Director, Seamen’s Church Institute 
    • Angie Hartmann, Executive Vice President of Crew Affairs, Starbulk

1630: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Decade of Decisions hosted by NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association)

There is a “new normal” facing shipping today which needs to be addressed in order to be successful moving forward. Public demands for ESG are accelerating, warnings about climate change are being heard, lending practices are changing, technology is advancing, and other impacts. Are these threats for shipping or opportunity?

  • Host Introduction: Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder & Executive Director, NAMEPA
  • Jeff Pribor, Chief Financial Officer, International Seaways
  • Michael Parker, Chairman Global Shipping, Logistics and Offshore, Citigroup
  • Morten Arntzen, Executive Chairman, Senior Shipping Advisor, Team Tankers International, Macquiarie Bank Ship Finance and ECA
  • Michael Webber, Co-Founder, Webber Research and Advisory, and Armistead Street Partners
  • Keegan Plakson, Director of Business Development, ABS

1730: Subject Matter Expert Closing Remarks 

1745: Closing Remarks

  • Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight

Wednesday, October 13th

Plenary Day 3


0900: All Hands – Welcome – Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight 

  • Opening Keynote: Bridging the Decade Through Disruption
    Ley Hoon Quah, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

0930: Plenary | All Hands: Bridging the Decade of Disruption hosted by Surveys & Forecasts

Today’s shipping industry is presented with an array of new technologies, operational practices and opportunities. With change comes risk. How do maritime executives discern what will work for them, and how they can optimize the opportunity? What will shipping look like?

  • Host & Moderator – Rob Walker, CEO, Surveys & Forecasts
  • Semiramis Paliou, Chief Executive Officer, Diana Shipping Inc., Vice President, INTERMEPA
  • Dr. Şadan Kaptanoglu, Managing Director, Kaptanoglu Shipping
  • Mark O’Neil, CEO, Columbia Shipmanagement, President, InterManager
  • Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, Chief Executive Officer, Maritime, DNV
  • Bjorn Sprotte, CEO of Ship Management, V Group 

1015: Bridge Break | Coffee hosted by LISCR

1045: SHIPPINGInsight’s SHARK TANK: The Decade of Discovery hosted by SeaAhead

  • Moderator – Alissa Petersen, Co-Founder & Executive Director, SeaAhead
  •  Sharks:
    • Richard Pruitt, Vice President – Environmental Operations, Carnival Cruise Line
    • Marina Hadjipateras, Co-Founder & General Partner, TrailMix Ventures 
    • Ravi Singh, Technical Director, Northern Shipping Funds
    • Antonios Backos, Founder & Executive Director, AB Management LLC
    • Jess Hurwitz, Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist, dX9
  • Chum:
    • Jonathon Arneault, CEO, FuelTrust
    • Graeme Sommerville-Ryan, Founder, EyeSea
    • Dan White, CEO, SIGNOL
    • Jim Paladino, Director of Business Development, Perceptive Sensors
    • Bill Peterson, CEO, The Flying Ship Company
    • Gus Bateas, EVP & COO, The Flying Ship Company

1200: Presentation of SHIPPINGInsight’s Innovation Award 

1215: Closing Keynote – Bridging the Future: Ben Pinnington, Founder, Polaris Media and Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight

1230: Closing Remarks | Conference Conclusion

  • Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, SHIPPINGInsight

Three Days Not to be Missed!

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