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View the newsletter hereThere is no shortage of passion in this industry.  In fact, most acknowledge that it is a requirement.  John Michael Radziwill stated ‘To be effective, you’ve got to love the game’, which is particularly true in a global business that operates 24/7/365!  How we channel that passion, however, is important.

This week is the (virtual) meeting of the MEPC which will move forward the IMO’s strategy for shipping’s pathway to reduced carbon emissions.  Already we have seen some high notes, such as the collaboration of all the major shipowning associations bringing forward the recommendation for a $5 billion Research and Development fund under the proposed creation of the International Maritime Research and Development Board (IMRB).  We have also seen some lows, such as the torching of a Viking funeral pyre in front of IMO’s London headquarters.

I am hoping that this week’s deliberations will be able to find the balance between commerce and conservation.  I am confident that no one participating will state that they are advocating on behalf of halting climate change at the expense of shutting down society’s access to goods and energy.  On the other hand, I am confident that no one will state that profits trump environmental concerns.  Regrettably, sometimes passion interferes with our ability to listen and understand the challenges of both sides as they could get so entrenched in their own rhetoric and belief system.  This is a risk we cannot afford.

We need strong and effective leadership this week.  I am confident it exists, as we “love the game”!!!

Keep optimizing,


Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer

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