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Don’t Miss Out! There is still time!

 There is still time!

SHIPPINGInsight 20/20 Vision for the Decade Connects Industry
Call for Collaboration Amongst Stakeholders Key to Success

SHIPPINGInsight gathered top solution providers for its 20/20- A Vision for the Decade”  SHIPPINGInsight Fleet Optimization and Innovation Conference and Exhibition which began October 7th-8th with “Deep Dive” technical sessions followed by the conference and exhibition held October 12th-14th.  SHIPPINGInsight’s 9th annual event, with the theme 2020 Vision for the Decade, featured CEOs, presidents, ship owners and Admirals to discuss the biggest challenges the industry is facing and what steps would have to be taken in the coming decade.

Technology, seafarers and the crisis that surrounds them, decarbonization and alternative fuels were but some of the main talking points for panelists. Each panel was hosted by various SHIPPINGInsight partners and went into hour-length discussions and debates on different issues affecting the industry such as cyber security, new fuels and technologies, mariner welfare and compliance.

However, workshops and roundtables were not the only things the conference included. SHIPPINGInsight hosted virtual booths featuring various partner companies and organizations. They also had polls and discussion chats in real time and featured networking opportunities for participants.

SHIPPINGInsight also hosted a variety of different events within the event, from Monday night’s “Celebrity Karaoke,” to Tuesday’s “Celebrity Stand-Up Comedy Night,” and Wednesday’s “Shark Tank.” Each event was designed to bring the maritime community together and had a way of keeping participants informed as well as entertained.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was forced to move to a digital platform but several speakers lauded SHIPPINGInsight’s creativity in making the event entertaining as well as informative and for bringing people together from all over the world––a feat that may not have been able to be accomplished so easily before the pandemic.

SHIPPINGInsight will keep the platform running throughout the year to foster networking and collaboration. Participants can send messages and schedule virtual meetings with other participants for the next year.

Access is available by registering here! Your login credentials will be emailed to you.

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Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer

Three Days Not to be Missed!

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