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Facilitating Recovery in Shipping

Facilitating Recovery in Shipping

While the world begins the process of rebuilding after the global shock of COVID-19, we are seeing glimmers of hope.  Global trade seems to be rebounding faster than after 2008 (which is a relief to an industry that is still in the throes of the longest shipping recession since 1845).  Initiatives to address the maritime industry’s most critical issues such as decarbonization, supply chain disruptions, and financial stress seem to be proliferating, and new vessel orders seem to be on the rise.

As an industry, we need to support and even facilitate these efforts to ensure our sustainability– politically, socially, environmentally and financially.  We need to shift our narrative (“Shipping is slow to change”, “Shipping is a decentralized industry and cannot act as a cohesive industry”, “Shipping operates in silos- and prefers it that way”).

Now is the time to not only facilitate the global recovery, but to reframe how we think and act in shipping.  Let’s be open to new ideas, new technologies, and new approaches (or even some not so new but weren’t embraced).  Let’s accelerate, as best we can, our global connections.  Let’s celebrate our points of commonality and respect our differences for the good of the industry.

At SHIPPINGInsight 20/20 we will be ushering in a new paradigm for our industry.  Be there!

Keep optimizing,


Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer

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