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Mariner welfare- Pirates of the Caribbean return

Nimble.  Resilience.  Agility.  These are the buzzwords in today’s pandemic era.  The margin for success now is determined by how adaptable companies are to the “new normal”.  Not surprisingly, companies that were already down the digitalization road are finding the transition to remote operations to be fairly straightforward.  Companies that were not positioned in the virtual world are scrambling to catch up.

Up until now, shipping would not be the first sector one would think of when you hear the words “forward leaning”.  Tech companies, naturally, commandeer that position as their stock in trade.  But an industry that is rooted in centuries, rather than years or decades, of operations will take some time to pivot.

We are seeing strong progress, however.  This global crisis has accelerated shipping’s transition to the digital age, with its benefits of greater efficiency and increased savings.  Shipping as a supplier of bulk transportation is inherently more efficient than other modes of transport.  But the BUSINESS of shipping has lagged until now.

Shipping’s Jack (or Jane) is getting nimble AND quick!  The candlestick doesn’t have a chance!!

Keep optimizing,

Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer

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