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UNCTAD gives its take on shipping in the post-pandemic era

2020-11-12 –The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has issued its Review of Maritime Transport 2020 report. . . READ MORE

America’s Forgotten Marine Highway Network That Could Green Global Freight Transport

2020-11-15 –U.S. freight transport is forecast to grow by 40% over the next two decades. The rapid growth of e-commerce, accelerated by more. . . READ MORE
Source: Forbes

Sustainability: We are not telling shipping’s story well enough

2020-03-09 –During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA London Forum, Dustin Eno, COO, Navigate Response, analyzed how the global interest . . READ MORE

Inmarsat becomes first member of decarbonising shipping initiative in Asia

2020-03-31 –Global satellite communications provider Inmarsat has taken the role of a founding member in Asia’s first . . READ MORE

7 key body language tips for leaders

2020-02-20- Have you ever considered what does your sitting style or your voice tone say, or what message do you send. . . READ MORE

Adm. Schultz Delivers State of the Coast Guard Address

2020-02-21- U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz outlined his vision for the service Thursday during the State of the Coast Guard Address in Charleston. . . READ MORE

Five Top Maritime Corporations Partner With Tech Startup Program

2020-01-27- With the assistance of the corporate innovation company Rainmaking, five large corporations with significant presence in the maritime. . . READ MORE

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