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Fleet Optimization & Innovation Headlines of the Week 2019 12 04

Giving Credit (Literally) Where Credit is Due- The China Decade. . .  Headlines of the Week- November 27, 2019 View this email in your browser 

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The chart above is from Splashthe maritime daily news outlet headed by Sam Chambers and Grant Rowles.  Taken from a survey they conducted, it illuminates the impact that China has had on shipping, with environmental issues right behind.  Tucked into the figure on non-shipping capital is the growth of Chinese leasing capital.

In 2004, I attended the Hellenic-Norwegian Chambers of Commerce New York shipping event.  The opening keynote was an American educated, Chinese born shipowner who presented a global economic historical overview.  He opened with the dominance of Europe (particularly the UK) until World War II, then the ascendency of the United States up to the year 2000.  Then he began to recite statistics surrounding China:  GDP growth, population, shipbuilding aspirations, ship ownership, import and export numbers, etc.  I emailed a friend in Washington DC and asked, “Is there someone down there, who is a lot smarter than I am, paying attention to this?”.  His response was “Unfortunately, no.”

Two years later, at the same event, I asked “Isn’t the growth of China’s shipowning fleet going to have an impact on Western fleets?” I was told they weren’t concerned about that. In 2008, the world witnessed what I term China’s “Coming out party”, the Summer Olympics in Beijing, which also marked the downturn in their extensive building and growth phase which had prompted the massive number of ships on order.

China has been very intentional in its quest to be a leading shipping nation.  Students of history, or those who have read the books by Gavin Menzies, 1421 and 1434, know that China has a long and storied shipping and exploration history which had gone dormant.  Essentially, China is returning to its roots. In addition, it is ensuring national security with the “One Belt One Road” strategy and investment in natural resources.

China is an intentional force in our industry.  I wonder what the next decade will bring?

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News of the Week
December 4, 2019 
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Onboard Carbon Capture System Under Development

2019-11-30 – A group of shipping companies including NYK, Sovcomflot, Knutsen OAS and Ardmore, ship builders, including DSME, and the mining company Vale. . .READ MORE

Europe to regulate emissions trading for shipping

2019-12-03 – The European Commission will shortly introduce emissions trading for shipping in what could be. . . READ MORE

Maersk Backs Danish IoT Startup

2019-11-30 –Maersk has decided to invest in the Danish startup Onomondo, a global cellular operator for the Internet of Things (IoT). . . . READ MORE
Alternate Fuels

UECC Secures Green Finance for Battery Hybrid LNG Car Carriers

2019-12-01- United European Car Carriers (UECC), jointly owned by NYK and Wallenius Lines, has signed a contract for three new generation pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) with China. . . READ MORE

Keep It Clean!

2019-12-01 – Coating technology has come a long way since the days when lead-based paint was used above the waterline and tributyl tin below it, but steel hulls still need. . . READ MORE

20% of seafarers have contemplated suicide or self-harm, Yale study finds

2019-11-20 – A new study by Yale University to 1,572 seafarers has identified potentially dangerous levels of depression, anxiety and suicide risk. . . READ MORE

China pledges income tax relief for oceangoing seafarers

2019-11-27 – As part of its major tax reforms for middle-and low-income groups, the Chinese government pledged to reduce. . . READ MORE

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